Manufacturers of Light Gage Metal Studs, Engineered Trusses, and Wall Panels

Jaimes Industries manufactures a wide variety of Studs, Track, Hat Channel and a large variety of custom shapes to satisfy all of your rough and finish carpentry needs.


We invite Architects and Structural Engineers to receive instant answers and submittals for your next design project!

Standard gage tolerances apply. Length tolerance + / – 0.187″.

Construction Details

Allowable load, spans, and wall heights, framing and fastener spacing and other limiting presented on this website serve as a general guide for design and construction. Products must not be used in a structure without prior complete design and evaluation for satisfactory performance, as verified by a qualified structural engineer or architect.

All materials shall be kept dry, preferably by being stored inside the building under the roof. Where necessary to store material outside, it shall be stacked off of the ground, properly supported on a level platform and fully protected from the weather.