Manufacturers of Light Gage Metal Studs, Engineered Trusses, and Wall Panels


Jaimes Industries cold formed coated materials are both Structural and Non-Structural.  They feature chemical and physical qualities giving them a broad range of advantages over other framing materials, including:

Strength & Durability

Steel can achieve grater spans, open up larger spaces in side buildings and withstand weather and seismic events.


Steel does not burn and will not contribute to the spread or intensity of a fire.  Because of this, steel projects can easily be designed to meet code fire rating requirements.

Environmentally Stable

Steel surfaces do not allow mold and bacteria to form; nor does it host termites or other parasitic hosts to compromise structural integrity.


Steel offers long-term cost savings.  By helping to minimize environmental and fire risks, steel results in lower insurance costs for builders and owners.


Jaimes Industries steel is 100% recyclable, providing long-term benefits to both your building and our future.

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